Consistent blogging mistakes after you start a blog can provide evidence of wrong step if you are looking forward to building a concrete online presence and search engine visibility. So, the intent of this post is guide you on how to avoid these mistakes bloggers make.

Let us first identify with the fruition of the blog and its promising importance, before we jump into the common blogging mistakes bloggers makes.

What is a Blog used for?

Blogging has come a long way, since its first emergence in the late 1990s. In the beginning, blogging is a unique platform to express the thoughts, emotions, opinions, or observations of a person – an online diary with a short follow-up.

Now developed into a medium used by millions, all from persons to organizations. Business organizations are using blogs to accomplish more stuff than just providing valuable information to visitors.

It takes a lot of effort to try to make a blog successful. Blogging mistakes bloggers make can though slow the process of attaining a success.

The aptitude of a blog to boost the SEO of your website is one of the most newly renowned returns of blogging for a business or organization.

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Google’s algorithm has been developed to center its attention seriously on the quality and rate of posts/updates of a website.

Therefore, if you managed your blog properly, that is updating relevant content regularly and focusing on important business issues, this will improve the SEO of your website.

Blogging done right can work wonders for a business organization but creating a successful blog takes time. So, mistakes bloggers make should be your priority even as you journey your way through.

Blogging mistakes bloggers make are to be anticipated, as it is a field that cannot be perfected.

There is nothing wrong with making a new blogger mistakes, but if you can avoid a few blogging errors, you can easily put up a better blog.

The 10 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid – The mistakes bloggers make;

4 blogging mistakes to avoid and correct right now

1. Using Complex Text

Using complex and intricate language on your blogs is the first and most common blogging mistakes bloggers make.

Using complex and fancy words may highlight your command over the language but to make a successful blog you need to hook up with your audience.

While compound words can make you sound well informed, they could make your subject matter sound stupid. Difficult words make readers work hard on their hands, off-putting readers from the message you are trying to express.

You must use understanding words and phrases in order to create bond with your visitors/audience to reach the most audience.

The more related and easy to read your article is, the better are the chances of your blog to decrease the bounce rate.

This kind of Mistakes Bloggers Make can be avoided by using the following tips:

  • Write as if you are talking to your Friend or Brother
  • Write short and clear-cut sentences
  • Avoid writing long and tedious paragraphs
  • Avoid using complex text
  • Share your own experiences

2. Unseemly Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis

The field in which business owners choose to miss or do smallest research is the audience research/analysis.

This is another huge blogging mistakes that not only, can decrease the value of your company but can also have an effect on your income.

You need to learn your audience’s desire and preferences to successfully facilitate solutions.

Not Analyzing Your Audience Properly

To get proof of what you deduce to be true, the only way to achieve this is to learn to do the research. Not knowing what your audience needs will always be a waste of your time.

To write content that can help increase traffic fast on your blog as well as your site, know what your audience wants.

This mistakes bloggers make can be avoided by the following tips:

  • Get the demographics of your audience
  • Create a perfect customer report
  • Create content in agreement with customer report
  • Prepare content solving the  problems audiences

3. Inappropriate Blog Structure

Not following a proper blog structure is another blogging mistakes bloggers make these days. A readers/visitors get the idea if your blog has an appropriate structure or not by reading a few phrases.

The bounce rate will be affected by this impact. The poor the blog structure is, the higher the bounce rate.

There are many writing methods and blog structures, but one of the most suitable is the traditional one:

  • Introduction
  • Middle Part
  • Conclusion

Improper Blog Structure

Image Source: Coding Writer

Start with a good introduction to your blog.

Your introduction should summarize the topic and begin with an initiative that readers can communicate and agree with you. Doing this you avoid the mistakes bloggers make.

Your introduction should be appropriate enough to make the readers feel connected. It should also give a strong impression that the blog is framed and written for them.

The central part of the blog should be directing the readers to the solution they are looking for. Not only should the middle or central part provide enough helpful information to the reader.

Also, be able to build a positive relationship with the readers.

Lastly, the conclusion of the blog should be opinioned based and also interactive asking the readers to give their views and opinions as well.

An appropriately structured Blog should go by:

  • Splitting your blog into three sections: Introduction-Middle-Conclusion
  • All sections of the blog should be inter-related.
  • Use the ideal font size and style.
  • Appropriately use spaces between words and sentences.

Following this you build a well structured blog and eventually avoid this king of blogging mistakes bloggers make.

4. Selecting a Broad Topic

Selecting a topic that is too broad is one of the most frequent and prominent blogging mistakes bloggers make.

Picking a topic that can be understood by a larger audience can be efficient. However, it is easier said than done to explain that in a single blog post.

This is one of the largest part and common blogging mistakes for beginners. A broad topic entails lot of facts, which is difficult, as a blog post should be coupled with a flow.

Not only does writing on a broad topic be boring for the readers but it will also result in a higher bounce rate, as readers will easily disengage.

To be a successful blogger, narrow your topic. Having a specialized niche means you can focus your blog posts a lot more and reach a more dedicated audience.

When picking a sub-niche, providing the details/solutions they want and need, is much easier.

It can be discouraging for the blogger and the readers to cover a broad niche. For everyone, specialty is a win/win circumstances as long as you do your studies first.

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This kind of mistakes bloggers make can be avoided by using the following tips:

  • Writing on specific topics
  • Audience research
  • Curate your content as per the audience

5. Neglecting Keyword Research

When it comes to blogging, Keyword research is very effective. Bloggers ignores keyword research, but it is one of the biggest blogging mistakes.

Keyword research is a huge step to increase traffic on your blog as well as increasing your SEO optimally.

Many bloggers are under pressure to get traffic on their blogs even after posting content on a regular basis.

Keyword Research for Blogging

Keyword research is the method of finding words or phrases from search engines such as Google that draws more traffic, leads and sales to your websites.

The topics people are seeking for and how frequent these topics are searched for among your audience, if you use the right SEO tool like Twinword Ideas, SEMrush or Ahrefs.

This is the main reason for keyword search; Searching for keywords for popularity, frequency, or general-purpose, you will address the questions that most people in your audience would want.

Ensure to find long-tail keywords and use them in your name, Meta-description, URL and heading tags like h2, h3 before writing any new posts on your blog to optimize your content for search results.

To curate the best content you should:

  • Do keyword research as per search volume and intent
  • Use long-tail keywords
  • Do not stuff keywords excessively

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6. Stressing on Quantity over Quality

This is major blogging mistake bloggers make (particularly beginners) is, they choose quantity over quality.

It is commonly seen that bloggers seek to publish more blog posts in order to see themselves more in the SERPs. They give up the quality of the content in trying to publish more blog posts.

The search engines extremely consider the quality of the post before ranking it. You are going to fail sadly if you rely on quantity over quality.

Emphasis on Quantity over Quality

It is compulsory to create an in-depth kind of content, which requires more time and researches, and therefore creating more blog posts always would without doubt be of a low quality.

Creating a long type of content takes a long time. You have to spend quality time reading, publishing, editing, promoting, etc.

Nevertheless, in the end, it works like a magic. For your audience, the content should always be useful, if not, you are probably wasting your time.

Center on creating exceptional and valuable content that would attract the audience to your posts if you want to avoid this kind of blogging mistakes bloggers make.

A quality post can be achieved doing the following:

  • Choose precise topics
  • Doing profound research
  • Read competitors posts
  • Writing long-form content
  • Proof-read your content to minimize any errors

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7. Not having Blogging Goals and Objectives

Not being focus on the blog can happen to the best of bloggers, principally if for years they have covered the same topics and issues.

They repeatedly write about trivial topics when they feel they have covered everything a million times.

These are very common blogging mistakes that must be avoid to ensure you sustain your authority. Reconnect with your audience, if you begin to run out of ideas about content.

Do more studies than that and examine the news from the industry.

Conduct survey to get ideas from your audience. Each of the content you create should be objective driven, such as driving traffic to the blog or promoting a particular product.

Do not post it if you are unable to define the aim that an article serves or the goal it should achieve. Your blog is your company’s gateway and has the same function.

Your blog and content should be the most important events your website. If you are not attracting your target market to your blog or website regularly, you are making a massive mistake.

These mistake bloggers make can be avoided by using the following tips:

  • Start an interactive platform to talk about problems and challenges related to the niche.
  • Make use of the information you find to refocus your post.
  • To assist you stay on topic, create a content table.
  • Make a to-do list time each week for research and planning.
  • Pick the topics/issues you would like to discuss, set the content target and get it published.
  • Notify your email subscribers via email update of any development.
  • Share a newly published post to reach a wider audience on your social media networks.

8. Not Posting Constantly

Not Posting Constantly

Not posting valuable content on a regular basis is another biggest blogging mistakes bloggers make and can be committed by any blogger.

Bloggers who do not constantly post more often than not lose their visitors. Also as well, lose their trust and confidence.

Writing post after post without getting a response can be to a certain extent be frustrating when you start blogging.

However, giving up and not publishing any further is a big blogging mistake that must be avoided.

Not Posting Consistently

Discovering you and broadcasting the word can take a while for your target market. Your commitment and dedication will come to a point when it pays off.

Not Posting Consistently can be avoided by using the following tips:

  • Publish roughly 10 posts a month.
  • Use the Editorial Calendar to schedule monthly content.
  • Use online tools to obtain new topics for content.
  • Share your blog posts to drive traffic to your blog on all the social media networks.

9. Writing Only for SEO

Writing for SEO is essential, but writing for SEO alone can be counterproductive. Inexperienced bloggers usually try to write just for the search engines to rank up in the SERPs.

They completely overlook the fact that the post is for human beings to read and to gain value and information.

If you write more than required for Google and use keywords in your post, then be careful, because of keyword stuffing, Google can deal severely with your website.

This kind of mistakes bloggers make can be avoided by:

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10. Neglecting Email List

Not setting up and building an email list or not creating an active email channel is another blogging mistakes that start-up bloggers make.

Your blog post’s ultimate purpose is basically to generate traffic and improve conversions. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to do so.

Email marketing continues to remain one of the most potent digital marketing strategies to convert readers into buyers.

This is because most persons are not really going to make an effort to read a blog regularly; they would prefer to be updated by email.

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To make a healthier email list you can use the following tips:

  • Collect emails for marketing activities from readers.
  • Using available tools to make your website’s email pop-up.
  • Use offers in exchange for subscriptions.

Final Take on Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make

Being new to blogging, you can make a ton of blogging mistakes. The point here as you make these mistakes bloggers make and quickly learn from them.

Traffic generation and conversion boosting are enhanced with effective forms of Blogging tips and tricks. Write your blog in a language that is simple and easy to understand, bring a captivating headline to your blog and write a compelling introduction.

Make valuable content for your audience rather than just writing for the search engines. Lastly, do not give up! Keep writing.

What do you think about these blogging mistakes? Please share your views with me.

10 Terrible Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid – The Most Common Mistakes Bloggers Make

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