5 Sneaky Ways To Drops Hints About Your Dream Engagement Ring

How to drop engagement ring hints like a pro | HELLO!

Engagement rings are often given as a surprise gift with planned proposals as well. Most girls want to experience this kind of event, where they don’t have any idea that they are going to get a stunning engagement ring. However, it wouldn’t be lady-like to tell your partner directly about the kind of engagement ring you want to have. So here are 5 Sneaky ways to drop hints about your dream engagement ring.

Giving a Hint Using Solar Platforms 

Browsing on engagement rings photos and saving them on your browser can be a good hint to let your partner know what you want in a ring. They would be sneaking on your computer to give some clues and they will be checking your histories. It will be the perfect way to show them the designs you want since images are the best way of illustrating something. 

Share Celebrity Post 

Celebrities love posting their engagement rings on social media. This can be a good reference in the appearance of your ring. Share posts of engagement ring that you admire so your partner can get an idea of the preferences you want. Your partner can use this reference on what kind of ring he will be looking for. 

Talk About Your Friend’s Engagement Ring

Start a conversation about your friend’s engagement ring and talk about the details so your partner can have an idea of the details of the ring you wish to have. Mention specific terms such as the setting and the metals. For instance, if you are fond of solitaire rings, mention it as well as the shape of the center stone. Giving the details can give a hint to your partner that you admire those kinds of designs. 

Go Window Shopping 

Roaming together is the habit of couples. When you go out try to take a peek at jewelry stores and check on the displays of engagement rings. Let your partner see what designs you appreciate on the ones on display. 

Trusty Friend Tactic

Most men would seek help from their girlfriends when it comes to picking an engagement ring. Let your friend know your preference when it comes to your engagement ring, so when your partners ask them. They can give an exact description of what you really want. They can be the best way to let your partner know the exact details of your engagement ring. 

How Do You Drop Hints For A Proposal?

Surprises are good but it is still good to be ready. Here are some of the hints that he is going to do the proposal soon:

Getting Close to your Entire Family

He wants to get to know your immediate as well as extended family. He gets interested in what your family looks like and wants to mingle with the closest people to you. And he also starts introducing you to all his family members. 

Suddenly Gets Interested in your Jewelry

He suddenly starts checking on your jewelry, especially your ring. He needs to know the exact size of your ring finger so he makes ways without telling you directly. 

Cuts Down on His Expense

If you notice that he isn’t spending too much on the things he desires then he is probably saving for something. Engagement rings are pricey and men need to prepare beforehand to get the ring that will truly make their future rides happy. 

Wants to Open a Joint Account with You

If he suddenly plans to have a joint account, it means he has plans of making you his better half soon. A joint account is one thing that husband and wife do to avoid arguments on money but instead manage it together. 

Hope these 5 sneaky ways to drop hints about your dream engagement ring and signs of your partner planning to propose to you can prepare you for the surprise of your life that is going to happen the soonest. Be ready to accept whatever he offers that he thinks is best, he knows that your preference is important so don’t worry too much about it and don’t push too much. Just wait and see what’s inside that tiny box! And get impressed with the outcome of his and your work.