Learning from Lululemon – When Should You Expand Your Offerings?



The WSJ reports that Lululemon, the activewear clothier for women’s yoga apparel is increasing outside of its roots. There is a lesson in this for business entrepreneurs.

Typically instances we’re recommended to go niche and that is Excellent tips.

On the other hand, as you mature and you achieve expertise in one market place, it is ok to Exam and Consider extending that abilities into other markets.

Barbara Majeski, Brian Benstock, David Spisak and Raylen Davis mentioned this on Breakfast with Champions these days on Clubhouse. After you gain skills in one particular space, frequently that expertise can be applied to increase in other parts.

They were commenting about the attainable obtain of Elon Musk obtaining Twitter for $40+ Billion. He’s not likely to run the firm working day to working day. However, he’s been prosperous with PayPal (finance), Tesla (cars and trucks), and place flight. He’s acquired a verified history of getting equipped to assemble the correct teams, to carry out his general eyesight of organization success.

Of study course, growing into new marketplaces doesn’t often get the job done out. Having said that, for experienced companies with a runway of money reserves and market place circumstances to Take a look at, it is worthy of the danger.

In the circumstance of Lululemon. What are the mechanics of clothes?

Producing. Design and style. Logistics. Retailing. Recognizing your buyers.

All of these points Lululemon has done relatively nicely.

Can it now diversify and extend to provide its main base of women of all ages in other parts?

What about your business enterprise.?

Probably you are fantastic in legal providers for startups. Can that abilities be parlayed into legal products and services for mid-tier clientele? Or in assisting startups in other parts of their enterprise?

Beginning specialized niche and slim is great. Nonetheless, at occasions it’s time to broaden and look at other marketplaces.


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