What Is Digital Advertising? Brilliant Ways To Effectively Run Digital Ads 2022

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What is digital advertising? I’ll answer this question very soon, but advertising online isn’t just a promotional tactic but a great way to make profit and flourish your business online. Readily available to the several ways of digital advertising are display advertising, search advertising, social media advertising, video advertising, and more.

This is why I’m going to give details in this post exactly how you’ll get to use online advertising and broaden your business and get the most out of it.

Ultimately, making use of a paid advertisement will promote your content faster and effectively. And above all, digital advertising is the more profitable than traditional advertising.

As I promised in the first paragraph of this post, let define our subject matter…

What Is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising also known as online advertising is the promotional advertisements of business, product or service on online ads networks. It’s the most valuable way for digital marketers can use to reach a targeted audience and increase their ROI.

You can carry out storytelling in an inspiring way, boost personalization to take full advantage of customer experience, and bringing about a strong impression in the audience’s mind.

What differentiates it from traditional advertising the most is that advertising online can drive interaction and engagement in a creative way. Since it encourages interaction, it makes it easier for you to keep your target audience engaged and draw them to take the actions that you have designed.

And using digital ads helps you to provide enough information to manipulate people’s minds and emotions. Thus, you will improve customer experience.

what is digital advertising

But having a well-structured advertising plan will help you utilize every traffic base on their temperature, maximizing your them for sales.

Benefits of Online Advertising for Business

Advertising online is packed with many gains for marketing your business, as well its audience engagements.

For instance, digital advertising gives you useful understanding about your audience that lets you to see how many persons have seen your ads online, how many of them interacted with it, what is the demographic statistics of those people, and more.

In addition, in view of the fact that you can read their data in immediately, you’ll be able to modify your marketing tactics with the circumstances and reply in real-time.

Let’s go over the main points on what to expect:

  • Cost-effective
  • Valuable targeting
  • Access to data and insights
  • Trackable and assessable results
  • Personalized tactic
  • Audience Engagement
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Gaining significant user insights
  • Eligible customer traffic
  • Platform to change and make an adjustment
  • Abundant ROI and ROAS
  • In charge of your budget
  • Improving Ad formats every year
  • Mobile engagement

As a result, digital advertising can get the most out of the usefulness of your promotional marketing endeavors and boost your conversions and sales rate efficiently.

Types of Digital Advertising – Online Ads?

online ads
online ads

As I list out the types of ads you can use to advertise your business online, I’ll also explain the main options and help you to discover the best approach to promote your business.

Learn more on how to promote your business.

1.        Display Ads

This is a paid advertisement on third-party platforms – websites, mobile apps, etc. as well as banner ads, rich media ads, and video ads. A good model of display ads is the Google Display Network – which lets you to position your ads in websites with Google AdSense.

display ads

Using display ads, you are targeting audience by demographics and interests. You can also use this ad to retarget prospects and customers.

Note, this ad is different from search engine marketing which centers on displaying ads on SERPs (search engine result pages).

Be informed that there exist ad blockers that take away ads and thwart users from setting their eyes on your ads.

Read this Display advertising guide to help you get the most of it.

2.        Banner Ads

banner ads

This is another popular online advertising method and from time to time display up at the top side, or at the center of a webpage. Banner ads are display to a specific target market with class of targeting so that you can adjust conversion rates advantageously.

To get clicks, there are more than a few points to think through: size, place, value proposition, image, CTA buttons, and more.

3.        Rich Media Ads

Rich Media ads on Mobile

Rich media ads are a class of display advertising, however they’re extremely creative and innovative in a way to astound your audience and engender leads. Rich media Ads offers you a ground where you promote your business so flexible and also offers engagement with the ads.

Using rich media ads to promote your business, product or service, you can convey your brand’s story dynamically, pilot engagement and attain a higher CTR (Click Through Rate) and ROI. In addition to this, it can increase your brand’s experience with your audience and make your ads memorable!

These are many rich media advertising formats that you can make use of:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Rich media interstitial ads
  • Interactive rich media banner ads
  • Rich media (floating) banner ads
  • Pushdown rich media ads
  • Slider rich media ads
  • Rich media billboard
  • Rich media video
  • Expandable banner media ads

Read this rich media ads guide to make the most of them.

4.        Search Advertising

Google search ads

One of the most used promotional method in online advertising is Search ads. This is where you can direct your target at certain people who are looking for a particular keywords or phrases. As you know, these advertising tactic are displayed at the top of Search Engine Result Pages that helps direct traffic to your website.

Hence, with search advertising, you can drive a highly relevant traffic who are before now has search-intent and your ads can enrich a better CTR and conversions.

On the other hand, search advertising becomes expensive if you’re biding for highly competitive keywords.

Don’t fail to examine the value of your keywords and look for the suitable choices in view of your budget!

5.        Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC add on SERPs

PPC is a paid ad network where you as an advertisers pay every time someone clicks on your ads. As a result, even if you’re a small business owner, you can still buy traffic for your website that’ll convert and generate sales.

To bring about a successful biding, you must review the Quality score which is Google’s rating for quality and relevancy that help match your keywords and the PPC ads.

It’s also important you test whether your keyword ideas work using PPC advertising. In doing this, you get to build optimized SEO pages and enhance your ads.

But the other part that’s frightening is:

For as the name (per-click) functions, you pay whenever someone clicks your ad. So if you’re targeting a far-reaching keyword, you possibly will end up exhausting your budget without an adequate amount of results.

Therefore, develop a digital advertising plan on your bid strategy, targeting, and keywords to make a judicious resolution. But if you’re not accustomed with Pay Per Click advertising, you can check this guide to get a better understanding of what PPC is and how it works and learn how PPC auction works and how to win a bid.

6.        Shopping Ads

Shopping ads display on Mobile

Shopping ads are ads for business owners that sell products or run an e-commerce website. Creating shopping ads for search engines is just the right way to build up your search visibility and drive quality traffic.

Shopping ads display and advertise your products at the top of the SERPs. So you have an excellent chance to display your products within the web page in search results and attract your prospects with a product copy.

7.        Social Media Advertising

Social media ad is one of the best prevailing and profitable digital advertising techniques. In line with the great number of committed users on social media, you can influence a better-quality audience.

This class of advertisement is straightforward to catch users’ interest as people on social media in general pay attention to most contents in their feed, unlike searching for a particular thing on search engines.

Furthermore, social media advertising lets you to direct or redirect definite segments with more accurate user data like their interests, demographics, and networks. All credits to the effective targeting setting as it increases brand awareness and drives higher conversion rates.

But then again here’s the challenge.

Even as social media advertising is a great approach of getting users’ attention, but it’s have a less tendency to convert. For the reason that social media cannot track users’ real-life; as some individual’s information on social media may possibly not be correct. Moreover, even if you target the right people for your business and they may wish to use your products or services, and not have the time or budget.

Learn how to use social media marketing to drive traffic for conversion.

8.        YouTube Video Ads

YouTube video ads

Pointless to say, YouTube is the best and simplest platform for video marketing to generate traffic, market and promote your product and services. You can influence a large number of your audience with a video that’s sharable like other media contents.

Furthermore, search engines adore video content as YouTube on the other hand can help you boost your search engine rankings. As a result, it’s a great opportunity to get your content populated on the internet and grow brand awareness.

3 main types of YouTube video ads.
  • Bumpers Ads
  • TrueView Ads (In-Stream ads and Video Discovery ads)
  • Pre-Roll Ads

To learn more concerning YouTube video advertising ads, check this complete guide.

9.        Native Advertising

Native advertising is another paid advertisement that wouldn’t let people sense “I’m seeing advertising,” even if the purposes are more or less the same.

A lot of people skip and pay no attention to advertising, but then with native advertising people don’t realize your ads as advertisements so they naturally consume your content.

A good example of native advertising can be seen on social media as sponsored content. It is displayed as an in-feed unit and promotes ads in the same form as the other organic content.

6 Types of Native Advertising
  • In-feed units
  • Paid search ads
  • Promoted listings
  • Content recommendation widgets
  • In-ad with native element
  • Custom content ads

You can read this guide for more information about native ads.

10.      Email Advertising

Email advertising is one of the best running and cost-effective marketing strategies. It lets you to set your ads into newsletters by making use of your email list. In addition, you can send customized copy with a clean design.

Ordinarily, email advertising make use of opt-in or permission-based marketing –  the majority of the subscribers at present has shown interest in your business so they’re most likely to engage with the ad you’re offering and get converted.

Nevertheless, email ads have its own challenges as marketers try to improve open rates. As it’s easy for users to organize a spam filter setting, your emails may well not be delivered and your subscribers won’t even notice your emails.

Don’t forget to continuously updating your email list and build relationships to regularly get your email copy consumed.

Read more on the comprehensive email list building strategy.

11.      Video Advertising

It is the fastest growing advertising format. Since it can carry so much information for a short period and impact on the audience’s mind, video advertising is a smart marketing approach to take.

With video advertising, you can introduce your products and services in a way that is easy to understand for viewers and it creates emotional triggers to engage with the ads.

Now that we are exposed to many video ads, if you make a poor quality video advertising, your audience will notice the level of your quality and that determines whether they will be interested in your business. So, be creative and come up with well-designed ads that convert.

Types of Video Advertising
  • In-stream ads (Linear / Non-linear)
  • Out stream in-read video ads (In-page / In-banner / In-text)
  • Interactive video ads
  • In-game video ads
  • TV video ads

12.      Remarketing and Retargeting

For the last part of the types of digital advertising, I would like to talk on remarketing and retargeting. These two advertising tactic are very efficient tool to stretch out to audience who have shown concern in your business.

Leveraging these methods will fetch a new opportunity to develop brand awareness, drive qualified traffic, maintain former customers, and increase conversions.

Bear it in mind that the rate of recurrence of your ads can make people find it as an abuse of their privacy and they might feel upset. This might instigate them to repel your ads.

Remarketing in digital advertising is a potent practice to place your ads in presence of the people who have already shown interest and visited your website. Remarketing let you to set focused-targeting, keeping your brand at the top of your mind, leading your targeted customers to return to your website and boost your ROIs.


Retargeting, on the other hand, centers on users’ former online activities as an alternative of browsing history. It lets you to display your adverts when your target audience is set to make a purchase. By means of retargeting, you can discover a relevant audience for the future sales emails, magnet them to a particular page, and preventing shopping cart abandonment.

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Final Take On What Is Digital Advertising

As per what you’ve seen in this guide, digital advertising can increase your bottom line and take your business to the next level.

You can take advantage of this valuable guide on mobile marketing which is one of the best promotional marketing tactics to certainly link you with your target audience in an effective way.

So what else have I missed in this guide that you think should be included, please drop it in the comment box and help share with your families and friends.

What is Digital Advertising? Brilliant ways to Effectively run Digital ads 2022

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